Welcome to my blog

I was 9 years old when I went with my mum to visit a travel agency for the first time and I remembered it like it was yesterday! I took home with me a dozen of heavy brochures (ignoring my mum’s consternation and the travel agent curious look), and I marched out of that place with my heavy load and already dreaming about all the cities I would visit one day…. today I have visited over 600 cities in 59 different countries and counting!

I love to spend my money and free time travelling, rather than investing in an Hermes bag. I truly enjoy discovering new places, cool hotels and local gastronomy/ beers/ wine/ traditions. I try to travel light, and I always bring my iPhone to take a few pictures of the places and sunsets I enjoyed.

My aim is to share with you my travel experiences, the cool places I had been lucky to discover, including restaurants and bars, in order to contribute with an unbiased/honest travel advice. Some of my most amazing trips were when I was travelling solo (a), so this blog is as well aim to all the brave women, that adventure on their own out there.

Love, Gypsyfoody



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