Lake Constance area, Germany

I just returned from a five weeks intensive German classes in a beautiful town called Radosfzell in Bodensee Region, on the shores of the wonderful Constance´s Lake and I had a great time.

The town is very cute and small, and the people are very friendly. There are a few good local restaurants and a shopping outlet where you can find very good bargains! A friend bought a few pairs of Nike´s shoes that cost Eur 56.00 (same model could cost up to of  120$ in USA). However, my best two discovering in town, were made in my final three days (typical!) and I want to share it with you. Twice I was told by my German teachers that I could not leave the place without trying the delicious “Kirschkuchen” (Cherry cake) from the Kutmühle bakery (Poststrasse 22). I am so glad that I decided to get one piece on my last day and OMG it was superb!! Fresh delicious cherries at the bottom of a wonderful cheesecake, that was creamy, but light and not at all sweet. I am planning already return there just for this cake. The second discovery was a great bar by the lake, and you find it exiting the train station and walking 150 mt. It is call Seebar, they have cool chill-out music and lounge chairs,  perfect for a glass of weiss beer-

I also visited a small island called Reichenau, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000 because of its monastery, the Abbey of Reichenau. Today it is also famous for its farms, selling fresh fruits and veggies to the people living in the area and the hundreds of tourist visiting the island. I, of course, bought some delicious strawberries and plums.

love, Gypsybella


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