I am a world citizen and I love to spend  my money and free time travelling, rather than investing in an Hermes bag. I truly enjoy discovering new places, cool hotels and local gastronomy/ beers/ wine/ traditions. So far I have visited 59 countries and over 600 cities (it helps that I worked in the travel sector for more than 20 years). My aim is to share with you my travel experiences, the cool places I had been lucky to discover, including restaurants and bars, in order to contribute with an unbiased/honest travel advice. Some of my most amazing trips were when I was travelling solo (a), so this blog is as well aim to all the brave women, that adventure on their own out there.

Last but not least, I want to dedicate this blog to two wonderful female travelers that sadly lost their battle against “F Cancer”. I had the fortune to travel with Geraldine Murphy (Gerry), to my beloved Naples/ Italy, it was the last trip we did together before her death in 2002. She had a short life, but a long list of wonderful destination (she was a real pro). The joy and laugh we shared in that lively city, despite her feeling sick, was truly inspirational and I will forever remember her wonderful laugh.  To my dear friend Melanie Chalmers who passed away in 2015, and despite meeting her only for a brief period, she left me with a great example of what passion and will power can do when following your traveling dreams. Here a beautiful tribute by her husband Rob http://rethinkbreastcancer.com/rethink-remembers-melanie-chalmers/

love Gypsyfoody